Local Attractions
In zhengzhou, you can feel the history, culture and modern prosperity.

Floating mountain snowflake ca
Then you can go to the floating mountain snowflake cave scenic spot. Snowflake Cave is a natural cave in the limestone area. It is 1,110 meters in length and is divided into three halls and one corridor. The area is about 4,000 square meters and there are 126 natural and human landscapes.
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Dengfeng Astronomical Observat
Next, you can go to the Dengfeng Astronomical Observatory. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty to the thirteenth year of the Yuan Dynasty, AD 1276, has a history of 700 years. It is the oldest observatory in China and one of the most important astronomical monuments in the world.
Imperial Tombs of the Northern
In the morning, you can go to the Imperial Tombs of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was built in 963 AD and lasted for more than 160 years. It is the tomb of the seven emperors of the Northern Song Dynasty and Zhao Hongyin (the father of Zhao Yu). It is commonly known as the "Seven Emperors and Eight Mausoleums". In addition, the surrounding ancestors and ancestral princes, Wang Sun and heroes have a total of nearly 1,000 mausoleums, thus forming a large and imposing royal tomb group, known as the Open Air Art Museum, which is a study of the laws and institutions and stone art is very precious material.
Shuanghe Lake Central Park
In the evening, you can go to Shuanghe Lake Central Park. With the theme of "Science and Technology Ecology", Shuanghe Lake Central Park is a central park that precedes and integrates the city. There is a large music fountain at 7 o'clock every night in the park.
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